Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to unlock your phone

How to select right unlock tool

Alcatel, BlackBerry, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Pantech, Samsung or Sony Ericsson:

1. Please find appropriate tool(s) from the "Factory Code" list in the top of the list
2. Some brands have several tools, see difference in delivery time, price (credits) and (for some) the detailed description below in top selling tools to find most suitable

iPhone, Nokia and other:

1. Please scroll down to find specific country tools, e.g. "Spain Networks".
2. Look for the network your phone is locked too, select and choose model (if supported)
3. If you are unsure about your model being supported, please contact us

Top selling tools

The following contains a description of the most popular unlock tools in the WorldUnlock tool list. Please find the one most suitable for your needs. After selecting a tool, you will be able to see the price and delivery time indicated just above the "Submit order" button.

The code comes from a calculator. It is calculated with the informations you give. If you enter a bad IMEI or a wrong network, you will get a code, and this one will not work and you won't get a refund.

The code comes from a calculator, if incorrect IMEI, model or network is given you will get wrong code. Refund not possible. If you do not know the network, unlock using MEP or PRD data (ask support if you don't know how to find this data)

The code comes from a database. If the code is not available, the order will come back as unavailable and you will get your money back. In this case, try the tool named HTC 2013 (Supernew & Not Found)

The code comes from a database. If your LG is from North- or South America, you can use the cheaper tool named LG North & South America. Please make sure your phone asks for a simlock code before ordering. No solution for U900, U880, U890, U400. If no code are available, you will be fully refunded.

The code comes from a database. If not available please try other tool named Motorola Database 2 or Motorola Special. If no code are available, you will be fully refunded.

To unlock your phone you must use the original USB cable that came with the phone. Order unlock, and you will receive login to our software where you can unlock your phone with a few clicks on your mouse. Easy to use.

Samsung Europe
The code comes from a database. If the code is not available in the base, the order will come back as unavailable and you will get your money back. Look carefully for the correct Samsung tool that fits your region.

Sony Xperia
To calculate the code, we just need the IMEI, the MODEL and the KBH (also know as S/N). To find this S/N, just press >*<<*<* then select "Service Info", select "Configurations" and you will see IMEI and KBH details. Code comes from database, if not available you will get full refund.

Guide to unlock phones

Use the list below and select your brand. We provide easy to follow guides for all the main brands we support.

- Alcatel
- BlackBerry
- Huawei
- iPhone
- LG
- Motorola
- Nokia
- Pantech
- Samsung
- Sidekick
- Sony
- Toshiba

Unlock guides

Switch ON your phone with a not allowed simcard inserted. If the phone asks direct for the network key, enter the code we sent you and your Alcatel is unlocked. If it does not ask for any code, follow these steps:

1. First switch ON your Alcatel without any simcard in
2. Enter the following on the phone: *#0000#CODE#
3. Then enter the following on the phone: *#0001#CODE#
4. Your Alcatel phone is now unlocked!

A few Alcatel phones might require other steps, you will be notified with the code if this is relevant for you.

The are a lot of different processes for BlackBerry phones. The one described below is the most generic:

1. Remove any simcard from the BlackBerry and turn it on
2. Go to Menu - Manage Connection - Turn all connections OFF
3. Then go to Menu - Options - Advanced Options - Simcard
4. Press and hold the SHIFT key while you input: mepd
5. If the phone is locked, Network will show as activated
6. Input: mep2 (use ALT button to input "2")
7. A box will appear where you can enter the CODE from us.
8. Your BlackBerry is now unlocked!

Some BlackBerry phones require other steps to unlock. You will be notified by us along with the code, if this is relevant for you.

All HTC models are very easy to unlock. Follow these four steps to unlock your HTC phone:

1. Switch ON your phone with a non accepted simcard
2. Your HTC will ask directly for the unlock / operator code
3. Enter the CODE you got from us
4. Press enter and your HTC is unlocked

There a few different ways of unlocking Huawai. Huawei mobile phones and modems do not unlock in the same way. The following guide is for Huawei mobile phones:

1. Turn ON the phone with a non accepted simcard
2. Press the LEFT button and choose NCK from the menu
3. Input the CODE we sent you
4. Push OK and your Huawei is unlocked

For Huawai modems you receive some software/guide directly in the email with the code, which you must follow to unlock Huawei modems.

We only provide permanent iPhone unlocks. iPhones are very simple to unlock:

1. Open iTunes on your computer
2. With a simcard in the iPhone, connect it to your computer
3. Select the iPhone in iTunes, and press Syncronize in the bottom right corner
4. In this process your iPhone will unlock

Be sure to activate your iPhone prior unlocking. It requires a simcard from the operator it was originally bought with to be activated (it is activated when you can use the phone, e.g. navigate the menu)

There are no single generic way that will unlock LG phones, as nearly each phone requires a unique process along with the unique unlock code. For this reason you will receive your specific guide in the email along with the CODE.

Along with the many different Motorola phones, there are some different ways to enter unlock codes. The method below is the most generic:

1. Switch ON your Motorola phone with a non allowed simcard
2. The Motorola now shows "Enter Special Code"
3. Enter the CODE we sent you and the phone will unlock

Some other models requires a special method. If you order a code for this, we will provide a unique guide for you in the email along with the code.

Note, if your Motorola displays an error message similar to "Contact service", "Wait before enter special code" etc. you have tried entering a wrong code to many times. Leave this message on the screen, and after 40 minutes - 2 hours it will go away and you can follow the Motorola unlock guide above.

For all Nokia phones there is one generic way to unlock them. Follow the guide below to enter your Nokia unlock code:

1. Turn on your phone without a simcard in
2. Accept that you will start without a simcard, when the phone prompts you
3. Input: #pw+CODE+1# and press OK
4. Your Nokia is now unlocked

You enter p, w and + by pressing your * key several times.
Some network require CODE+7 instead of CODE+1, but we will notify you if this is relevant for you.

1. Power ON your Pantech with an accepted simcard
2. Enter *#865625#
3. The Pantech sim-unlock menu appears
4. Press OK and enter CODE
5. Re-enter CODE
6. Phones displays unlock OK, press OK and your Pantech is unlocked

Different Samsung models require different methods to unlock. This guide below is the most generic, though should you order a code for a model that requires another process we will email you a specific guide along with the code:

1. Turn ON your Samsung with a non accepted simcard
2. Input the pin code for your simcard
3. The phone now asks directly for your unlock code
4. Enter the CODE from us, press OK and your Samsung is unlocked

We provide several codes for unlocking different locks on your Samsung device. It is possible that your Samsung is freezed, if bad codes have been entered previously. You can use the defreeze code to defreeze it. The email from us with the code explains this in-depth.

You will receive a specific guide on how to unlock your Sidekick model along with the code from us.

Sony Xperia phones are very simple to unlock, just follow the generic method below:

1. Insert a non accepted simcard and turn ON your phone
2. Your Xperia phone will ask directly for the unlock code
3. Enter the code, press OK and your Sony Xperia is unlocked

Old Sony Ericsson (not Sony Xperia) phones have another unlock method:

1. Turn on your phone with a non accepted simcard
2. Input your pin code for this simcard
3. Insert correct USIM appears on the screen
4. Input: Left key, star, star, left key
5. Choose the lock which is locked and enter the CODE
6. Your Sony Ericsson is now unlocked

Note that for Satio and Vivaz you must input codes similar to the Nokia guide above on this page.

1. Power ON your phone with an accepted simcard
2. Enter your pin code
3. Navigate to Start - Accories - Unlock sim
4. Enter the CODE we sent you, and press OK
5. Your Toshiba phone is now unlocked

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