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Since 1998 we have been unlocking and servicing mobile phones through various websites, which now all leads customers here. Below you can read about a few of them.

1998-2003: GSMinside.com
Our first site serviced mobile professionals around the globe, both collecting and providing knowledge on unlocking and repairing mobile phones to its members.

2003-2008: GSM Evolution.com
The extension of GSMinside.com, with a higher focus on B2C services. One of the first sites in the world to provide instant Nokia unlocking by code.

2004-2007: WorldUnlock B2B
The first WorldUnlock service was a backend for reselling instant unlocks. As a customer you could integrate an unlocking service directly on your website with a few click, and thereby earn money reselling unlock codes.

2004-2012: Several niche sites
We have hosted several minor sites, specialized in unlocking and servicing specific brands. E.g. seunlock.com, motorola-unlock-code.com and unlock-samsung.eu. These are all redirecting to this site now.

2006-: WorldUnlock Codes Calculator
As the market shifted we created a tool so end-users could unlock various (mainly Nokia) models for free. This has been downloaded more than 4 million times. It can still be found online at e.g. Softpedia or our site.

2012-: WorldUnlock.com
To simplify and streamline our order processes we have relaunched WorldUnlock.com, which is now the only hub for our unlock services. Use WorldUnlock to unlock your phone, today!

100% money back guarantee

One of the main reasons we have many customers, is our guarantee that our code will unlock your phone - else you will be fully refunded. Only a few terms and conditions apply:

1. We are not able to supply a code
2. Your actual IMEI, model and network/country match what was selected when ordered
3. Your actual phone model is on our list
4. You have not entered any wrong codes previously

You will always instantly get a full refund without question if we can not supply a code.

Please note that we ask for video proof of your phone details if any issue should arise according to 2., 3. and 4.

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